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80/800 2 1/2" Suspension Lift Kit

  • Your Price: $939.00
  • Weight: 185 lbs. Oversized
  • Availability: Usually ships within two weeks
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Oh yes there is a bolt on lift kit for your Scout 80/800. It will provide 2 1/2" lift on your Scout and will improve the on-road and off-road capability. We have found that this lift with a 4" shackle will clear a 32"x11.5 tire. It includes everything you need to freshen up the suspension. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.


  • x2 front springs
  • x2 rear springs
  • x8 spring bushings
  • x4 shocks
  • x1 front u-bolt kit
  • x1 rear u-bolt kit

Designed for the following vehicles

Scout 80 (All Years)Button_scout_80_all_years_e08afdaa19 Scout 800 (All Years)Button_scout_800_all_years_e08afdaa19

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