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"EYES OF TEXAS" - Newburgh, NY

Jason Muehr - Scout II - 1979

Current Rating: 3.96

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Its a time portal, taking us back to a better time and a better place

Description & Modifiations

1979 international Scout II

Complete Ground-up Restoration

345 bored .30 complete rebuild
11" K&N Chrome Air Filter Assembly
Comp Cam Torque Cam
New Valves and Springs
New Forged Pistons and Rods
All ARP Bolts
RPT Squarebore Aluminum Intake
Edelbrock 650cfm AVS 4x4 Carb
New Water Pump and Tubes
New Fan and Fan Clutch
Custom Griffin Aluminum Radiator
All New Custom R134 Air Conditioning
RPT Engine and Transmission Mounts
Stan's Tri-Y Ceramic Coated Headers
Dual Dana 44 OX Lockers
New Alloy front and rear Axles
New Front & Rear 4.10 Richmond Ring & Pinion
CTM Axle Joints
New Front and Rear Brakes
Skyjacker Stainless Brake Lines
NW Metal Products 33gal Fuel Tank
Frame, Wheels,Everything Powdercoated
Skyjacker 4" Lift Kit
Daystar 1" Shackles
1" Body Lift
New Original Cloth Interior
All New custom Wire Harnesses x4
Rebuilt Transmission
Rebuilt D-20 Transfer Case w/twin stick
Dual Dynomax Tubular Mufflers
All new stainless brake lines Front and Back
NOS Speedo "0" miles
AGR Rock Ram w/ported steering box
Front Steering Brace
Race Proof BulletProof Steering
Mean Green 140amp Alternator
Mean Green Starter
DUI Distributor
DUI wires
Edelbrock Electric Fuel Pump System w/Dual Feed
Addco Front & Rear Swaybars
Anything Scout Front and Rear Workman Bumpers
Anything Scout Aftermarket Side Mirrors
Dual Odyssey 1200 Batteries
Painless Dual Battery Controller
Flaming River Steering Joint
Rebuilt Steering Column
New Accelerator Cable
New Transmission Lines
New Grille
New Front & Rear Parking Brake Cables
New Grant Steering Wheel
New Front and Rear Glass
New Window Regulators
New Side Marker Assemblies
New Tail light Lenses @ Assemblies
New Parking Light Lenses @ Assemblies
Vanco HydroBoost Brakes
Gentek Rearview Mirror w compass, temp, and light
VAir Air compressor and Air Horn
New Custom Front & Rear Drive Shafts (T. Woods)
New Gold-Ring U-Joints
New Windshield Washer Bottle
New Coolant Overflow Bottle
New IH NOS Seatbelts
Tuffy Center Console
Clarion Radio
Sirius and Ipod Interface
Boston Acoustics Speakers
2 MagLite Rechargeable Flashlights
4 Hella Black Magic on Garvin Rack
HiLift Jack
Uniden CB in center console
PA Speaker
Reverse Shackle Kit
Lizard Skin on Interior of Tub.
Lizard Skin on Inside of Fenders
Knuckles & Spring Perch's Relocated by Currie. 5 Degrees Caster

Burnt Orange Metallic (TUB)2009 Corvette Orange

Cream White(TOP)

All mechanical work performed by Chop's Auto
College Station, Texas

All body and paint work performed by Classic Collision and Restoration. Bryan, Texas

All upholstery work performed by Thomas Upholstery. Bryan, Texas


Original IH 345 bored .30

Future Modifications

Warn Dualforce Winch


5381-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 5382-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4955-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4954-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4953-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4951-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4949-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4948-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4947-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4946-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4956-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4957-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4958-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 5380-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 5330-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 5033-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 5031-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 5030-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4959-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4940-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4939-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4938-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4937-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4941-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4908-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4900-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4901-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4902-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4907-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4906-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4905-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4904-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4903-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4835-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4836-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4834-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4837-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4838-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4729-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4731-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4730-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4728-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4569-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4579-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4578-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4568-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4567-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4570-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4566-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4495-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4387-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4388-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4386-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4341-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4340-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 2147-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 2830-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70

Electric Fuel Pump

3272-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 3273-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 2146-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 3271-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70 4444-original_43d5e52bf9e9aa70


OFF TO A GOOD START!!!! FROM THE GROUND UP!!! (said over 7 years ago by Paul Irby).

man this is awesome, post some updated pics. (said over 6 years ago by Brennen Bocook).

You have done a great job so far, cant wait to see more pictures! Mint 79 from Harrison TWP MI.

(said over 6 years ago by Michael Willard).

Sweet ride! Like the engine work and the OX locker. (said over 6 years ago by Josiah Sisco).

Did you use pore 15 paint on your fram or all over your under carrage parts, want to do same kind of restoration work on my scout 2 terra, Mark A. (said over 6 years ago by mark apodaca).

Scout is looking great. I like the use of the stock rims. Nice attention to detail too. I agree with these guys and look forward to seeing it come together. - Sean AS (said over 6 years ago by Sean Barber).

Thanks for the compliments guys. The frame is powdercoated black. Looks brand new. Cost about $450 for the frame. Precision Powder Coating in Spring Texas. They can tell you what they used. Vulcan black I know.. (said over 6 years ago by Jason Muehr).

Mark A. Differentials and wheels are also powder coated. All look brand new. I don't have pics but the dash, seat bases, and roll bar are also powder coated vulcan black. they can tell you what they used. Best money I have sp (said over 6 years ago by Jason Muehr).

Great rig, I saw these pictures and automatically started tearing my scout down to the frame! (said over 6 years ago by Chuck Gleaves).

Man, I can't wait to see this one when its all done. It looks like you are off to a great start and doing it right. I give you my props. (said over 6 years ago by Rich Nelson).

If you don't mind me asking, why are you doing all this work to sell it? I saw it listed on the classifieds on this site. (said over 6 years ago by Rich Nelson).

I hate to sell it, so it will only go for the right price. The price on the classified add is how it sits in these photos. The tub is in the paint shop right now! (said over 6 years ago by Jason Muehr).

Please post pics up of the completed paint work, it sounds like a unique combination, awesome colors in my opinion, it will look very nice. (said over 6 years ago by Rich Nelson).

I would be interested in buying but not sure what classified to to look at. I am the owner of the grea t pumpkin listed in the fleet section my email is buyer (said over 6 years ago by james).

Man I'm on this site way to much...but here's the link where I saw it: Asking price is $25,000. (said over 6 years ago by Rich Nelson).

Oh I think his e-mail is on there too so you can contact him. (said over 6 years ago by Rich Nelson).

No way you should sell that -- it is going to be WAY TOO NICE! (said over 5 years ago by Mike Allegretti).

nice start lets see it finished (said over 5 years ago by Jayson LaFrance).

YEP nice start!!! Always a character somewhere! (said over 5 years ago by Jason Muehr).

as in don't sell it "character" (said over 5 years ago by Jayson LaFrance).

Serious interest in purchasing post updated pics when possible (said over 5 years ago by Ray).

"Eyes of Texas" is a horrible title for a 'Binder built in College Station! But seriously, it's looking great. Gonna be a real sharp rig. Can't wait 'til mine is ready to be restored like that. Best of luck! (said over 5 years ago by Greg Caudle).

This scout looks just like the one I saw at the Sierra Fall Rallye in NorCal and I votedit for the peoples choice award. (said over 5 years ago by Rob ).

great scout but i question your wheel choice! (said over 5 years ago by Cody ).

Glad you finished without selling it. You had some really nice work done. It looks Great! Sweet color choice. I like pretty much everything about it man. But the tires are a little on the weak side. Go with some bf goodrich mud-terrain tires, they look sw (said over 5 years ago by Ben Law).

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